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What's a Knickerscription?  A Knickerscription is a subscription to our knicker delivery service, where one sexy, comfy thong is posted to you every month for a 3, 6, or 12 month period.

Can I choose what colour thongs I get?  Part of the fun of a Knickerscription is you are surprised with a new colour every month! If you can't handle surprises, get yourself a Panty Pack and pick your own colours!

Does one size really fit most?   Yes, our super stretch lace means that our knickers comfortably fit AUS size 6 to size 12  (this is a US size 4 to a US size 10)

How much does a Knickerscription cost?   Three thongs, delivered over 3 months is $49 AUD.  Six thongs, delivered over 6 months is $89 AUD and twelve thongs, delivered over 12 months is $169 AUD.  Prices are charged in Australian dollars, so the final amount that appears on your card or Paypal statement may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate when purchased.

How do I pay for my Knickerscription?   Pick a payment plan that suits you: either a one off payment or through regular monthly payments. If you prefer just making a one off payment, then select the 3, 6 or 12 month Prepaid Knickerscription. Otherwise opt for the monthly recurring Knickerscription.

Can I buy just one pair?  Right now you can only buy our thongs exclusively through a Knickerscription or Panty Packs.

Do you offer other styles? Currently our super sexy, crazy comfortable thongs come in one sensational style only. It's the only thong you need in your life, we promise! And it suits girls of most shapes and sizes.

What's the difference between a Knickerscription and a Gift Knickerscription? The only difference is that with a Gift Knickerscription, we will include a hand written gift message for the recipient.

How does the Gift E-Card work? If you've left it late and need a present ASAP then this is for you! Pick a design and $ value and you'll be emailed an instant gift voucher which you can print off or email to the lucky the girl. The voucher comes with a unique code to enter at checkout which she can use to redeem a Knickerscription or Panty Pack.

Do you deliver worldwide?   Yes we post our panties worldwide with an exception to the following countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Benin, Nigeria, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Is shipping free?  The cost of worldwide shipping is included in the overall price of each Knickerscription.  No extra shipping charges will apply.  

Will I have to pay any duties and taxes on top of my order?   Although it’s unlikely due to the low value of each separate delivery, it will depend on which country you live in. You should check whether your country imposes import duties, customs and taxes on online deliveries. Such costs are not covered in our Knickerscription price and unfortunately cannot be reimbursed.  

How can I track my order?  We’ll tell you as soon as your order ships, though you won’t be able to trace its exact location.

How long does it take to get my first Knickerscription?   It can take 5 to 10 days depending on where you live. If you’re sending a gift and you need it quicker, then purchase a Gift E-Card for a Knickerscription. That way you can instantly email the gift card directly to the lucky girl or print it off for her.

How often will I get my panties?  You will get one thong once a month for the length of your subscription, delivered around the same time every month.

How are my knickers packaged?   Your new panties come in our slick black and white A5 envelope, with our distinctive seal of approval on the outer. 

What happens if my knickers don't arrive?  If you don’t receive a delivery within 18 days of your order, please let us know by emailing and we’ll look into it for you.

Can I stop my Monthly Ongoing Knickerscription?   Yes, you can cancel at anytime before your next shipment is dispatched by emailing If your next shipment is already fulfilled and dispatched then you can cancel from the following month. 

What is your returns policy for 3, 6 and 12 Month Prepaid Knickerscriptions?  We love to think that every panty we send out will exceed your expectations. If not, we will gladly accept any new/tagged/unworn knicker in it's original condition within 14 days of your first delivery. Please note that we can only take returns at the start of your Knickerscription for your very first pair and you will be refunded the entire Knickerscription. Unfortunately we cannot accept any returns once your second delivery is dispatched and beyond. Shipping fees are non refundable.

Returns address:

Panty Postman Returns

PO Box 820


NSW 2024


What if the item received is damaged or faulty?  We work hard to ensure all our panties are of the highest quality. However if you have a concern with a faulty or damaged item, please email so we can urgently review the matter for you.

What payment methods does Panty Postman accept?  Currently we accept Credit Card Payments and PayPal. If you’d like to arrange payment by another method, get in touch on and we’ll see what we can do.